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How to have a meaningful conversation on Omegle

Yes, having a somewhat intelligent conversation on Omegle IS possible. While it may seem that the website is filled with thoughtless, empty shells of human beings, there are actually some intelligent people if you look hard enough. There are some people on Omegle who are legitimately bored or lonely and wish to have an actual conversation that is more complex than “soo. . .what’s up?” “o cool”.”

While it is possible to actually meet an interesting person on Omegle, it is not easy. However, I have created a list about the habits of dull, uninteresting people. If the chat partner has any of these symptoms, leave the conversation before you waste any more of your time.

1. If they start the conversation with “asl”, leave.

If this is a person’s first line in the conversation, then obviously they are looking for a specific person–usually an 18-20 year old female. Gender, location, and age do not ensure any similarities in interests or personality. Furthermore, it does not even serve as a good ice-breaker since the stranger cannot use it to jump into other topics. Most people who find it necessary to know your stats before they begin a conversation are impatient and somewhat socially inept.

2. If they ask you about your gender or age within the first few lines of the conversation when it is irrelevant to the topic, leave.

The logic behind this tip is similar to #1. People who demand to know your gender and age when it is irrelevant to the topic are generally impatient and are trying to filter through people. Furthermore, if someone has been on the internet much at all, they should be capable of having a fairly accurate guess of the partner’s age group and gender by the way they speak.

3.  If the person only uses one word answers, leave.

Don’t assume the conversation is going to get any better; you’re just wasting your time. These people do not wish to put any work into the conversation and just want to be hand fed entertainment. These people refuse to take an active role in making the conversation interesting.

4. If the person says that their only hobbies include “talking to friends and listening to music”, leave.

Either this person has self-esteem issues and believes they will be judged if they actually mention their real hobbies, or they really don’t have any hobbies. In either case, this person does not have the ability to have a conversation. A person who is unwilling to admit to having any interests or opinions is incapable of having even a basic conversation. You might as well talk to a wall; at least then you won’t have the false hope it will reply back.

5. If you suspect your chat partner is of high school age, ask them whether school should be abolished. If they answer “yes”, leave.

However, you may first wish to ask them why they believe this to figure out if their contempt of the public school system stems to the low quality of education or if they simply detest that horrible thing called “learning”. If the partner actually has a well-developed reason for why the public school system is bad and has a different idea on how kids should be educated, then they may actually be an interesting person you can have a conversation with since they have the ability to communicate their opinions. However, if the person’s answer is simply “I don’t like it”, then leave immediately. Contempt for the public school system is understandable, but someone who has a dislike for learning will be incapable of having a conversation about anything interesting, unless you find MTV reality shows to be interesting conversation topics.


Then End.


2 responses to “How to have a meaningful conversation on Omegle

  1. John August 20, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    this is true. can i add to that, disconnect if they spell “you” as “u” and so on? ive never had an intelligent conversation with someone that does that.

  2. fashionjungle23 January 18, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    I totally agree. I wish we had meet sometimes on omegle, I’m sure it would be lovely to talk to you.

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